Services and Tools
  • Advanced 3D-seismic processing and imaging for high density and wide azimuth land surveys, narrow azimuth marine surveys, and ocean bottom cables (OBC)
  • Design, project management, and field oversight of 2D- and 3D-seismic acquisition
  • Reprocessing of older data (2D or 3D) with proprietary techniques and the latest software available
  • 2D- and 3D-seismic interpretation
  • Seismic attribute evaluation, inversion, and reservoir characterization
  • Prospect generation and well data integration


Our hardware and software includes:
  • A multiple in-house cluster environment for optimum processing and imaging, augmented by cloud computing (computing on demand) for large, data-intensive projects.
  • Leading software that lets us manage all aspects of a project, from field tapes to processing and imaging to prospect generation.


Our proprietary software tools include:
  • Seismic viewer
  • Interactive velocity analysis and modeling
  • Various imaging programs and tools
  • Control programs for seamless integration of our proprietary tools with third party tools
  • Acquisition footprint removal tool
  • Wavelet swell noise attenuation tool
  • FX Despike noise removal tool
  • Diffraction multiple attenuation tool
  • Continuous time frequency domain filtering (noise burst removal)
  • Continuous time space denoising
  • Continuous adaptive filtering
  • Seismic rock physics inversion
  • Seismic attributes
  • Spectral decomposition
  • Frequency enhancement
  • Ground-roll removal
  • Adaptive notch filter


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