Strengths that distinguish Agile Seismic in the marketplace are:

  • Extensive experience – our team is recognized as an industry expert and is frequently sought out for advice in solving challenging geophysical problems.
  • Global experience – expertise in many basins around the world.
  • International office staffed with experienced land processors – with offices around the globe, Agile has the ability to work virtually 24 hours around the clock.
  • Expertise in seismic processing, pre-stack time and depth imaging, reverse time migration, and tomography
  • Business-focused approach with geophysical solutions aligned with clients’ goals.
  • Attention to detail and customer-focused philosophy for all clients, regardless of size. Agile clients have included super-majors to large independents to small shops.
  • Geologists on staff work with seismic processors in integrating geologic issues (geo-hazards, gas effects, fault shadows, etc.) for more accurate processing results.
  • Established, long-term relationships with other industry specialists in seismic processing, imaging, and interpretation.
  • Internal peer reviews are standard in our work flow.
  • Continuous learning ingrained in the Agile culture – at least one class required annually.
  • Ability to adjust quickly to clients needs, project goals or direction – the “Agile” model.


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